Active complex Tentorium - Welness


It has been proven that a combination of active substances in "Tentorium - Welness" active complex increases endurance, reduces the time required by the body for its recovery after physical exercises.

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The formula includes

Honey, bee bread, aqueous propolis extract, concentrated propolis extract, pollen (pollen pellet), royal jelly, chitosan, pine nut, shilajit, eleuterococcus extract.

Just yesterday a high pace of life was within the scope of abilities only of very strong people, acting on the margin of their abilities: spacemen, sportsmen, rescuers... Nowadays, everyone needs to be strong! Sportsmen, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers and young mothers. And what is the source of forces? Nature! In the age of high technologies and a frantic pace of life, the temptation to have a bite of something high in calories and frequently not beneficial on the run ambushes us – as we need energy, nourishment for our brain.

And many of us often do not realize that along with calories they get a harmful worthless stuff like gluten, coloring agents, preservatives and even GMO. It’s very important to eat healthy quick meals!

Here at TENTORIUM® we know that thanks to regular consumption of api-products one gets more energy, blood supply and blood indices get improved, the content of vitally important micronutrients (iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium) increases, working capacity and general resistance of the body are stimulated. That has been proved in the course of scientific studies of TENTORIUM® products resulting in creation of a unique product – active complex “TENTORIUM-Wellness” (AKTV). It combines agreeable taste and benefit in one convenient pack that can be carried with you everywhere! Now one can have a beneficial snack at school, at home, in the office and even on the run!

How to use

Take as a supplement to the main diet at any time of the day.

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