Welness Program F25 Activation


The program activates intellectual, physical, adaptive abilities of a human being; it also gives beauty and harmony with the world around!

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Honey, pollen (pollen pellet), propolis extract, low-molecular chitosan, pinenut, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), beeswax


Honey, bee bread, royal jelly


Treated water, enriched with silver ions, propolis, shilajit, eleuterococcus extract


Propolis extract, horseradish extract, abies sibirica extract, bee venom, beeswax, camphorated oil

Nature put unbelievable resources into each of us which we are even not aware of! We can do more: feel, achieve, succeed! For that we need to activate our bodies. Scientific and production experience helped TENTORIUM® to use the power of nature to the benefit of people to the fullest extent and create "F25 Activation" Wellness Program – a complex of products which influences the human body in a consistent and harmonious manner, activating resources put into us. The products of the comprehensive program complement and intensify the effects of each other. It is advisable to take the products of the program at a certain time, as all processes, taking place in nature and the body, are cyclic.

How to use

In the morning

"Tentorium Basis" Dragees, "Tentorium Energy" Honey composition, "Tentorium Adaptive" Balm: 1 teaspoonful

In the evening

"Tentorium Relax" Cream: For massage, attritions, skin care
"Tentorium Basis" Dragees: 1 teaspoonful

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