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Balm Apihit 15ml


Natural chitosan-based product that purifies the body of harmful agents.

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Foreign substances or “xenobiotics” (from the Greek “xenos” – “foreign”, “bios” – “life”) are the substances which the body can not use to produce energy or build any of its parts. Accumulated in the human body, those “strangers” can cause constant allergy, immune disorders and result in oncological diseases. “ApiHit” Balm performs two functions at once: it supports the immunity and helps to remove everything unwanted from the body, having a holistic effect on it.  
A few drops of the balm per day will help to cope with the main “metropolitan diseases”, improving health. You won’t even notice how you will get much more vigor, find energy for sport and active recreation and many health problems will back away.
The balm is based on low-molecular chitosan and CO2-extract, a natural sorbent, it binds and removes foreign substances and “bad” cholesterol from the body, furthers body purification and weight reduction. CO2-extract of siberian fir is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.


“ApiHit” balm is a unique complex based on chitosan and Siberian fir-tree extract, which gives amazing possibilities for health improvement. The ability of chitosan to bound radionuclides, heavy metals and toxins makes “ApiHit” an effective means of elimination of toxins and free radicals from a human’s body.


Chitosan has an ability to eliminate harmful agents from a human body selectively. It also neutralizes fats, preventing development of atherosclerosis. And CO2-extract of Siberian fir-tree browse charges your body with true Siberian health and energy, has high phytoncide activity, adaptogenic and general strengthening effect. All this becomes possible thanks to unsurpassed vitamin formula of fir needles that contain carotene and vitamin C. The combination of fir needles and chitosan amplifies the effects of both components, as well as prolongates the major and accompanying effects. For instance, “ApiHit” regulates metabolism, stimulates gastrointestinal motility, prevents constipation, fermentation and meteorism.


It’s recommended to take 3 times per day, 30 minutes before meal, by adding 5-7 drops into warm beverage.

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CO2-extract of Siberian fir
Low-molecular chitosan
Vegetable oil

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