Balm Product No. 3 200g


Innovative product of processed propolis for active longevity

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Health requires a serious effort. As a result of permanent sitting at the office desk, the neck and shoulders become numb, missing a meal and overdoing with result in problems with the digestive system, worries caused by failing to solve a conflict situation have a negative effect on the entire body... And therefore, everyone needs a reliable remedy for efficient replacement of daily losses.  
TENTORIUM® developed such a remedy – that is “Product No. 3” balm. This balm is based on aqueous propolis extract, which has bactericide and anti-inflammatory action, slows down the progress of an ailment and improves the immunity. The technology of obtaining of concentrated propolis makes it possible to extract flavonoid compounds which decrease fragility of capillaries.
“Product No. 3” doesn’t contain alcohol, therefore is suitable for: children, expectant mothers and people living a healthy lifestyle.


“Product #3” is a water propolis exctract that combines bactericide and anti-inflammatory action.


Thanks to new technologies, specialists of Tentorium created an alcohol-free balm of propolis with a high level of flavonoid combinations. ”Product #3” gives you unique options for fortifying your immune system and rejuvenation of your body!


Shake before use. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times per day. There’s no need in dissolving it in another liquid. The product might sediment. This sedimentation is nothing but propolis particles.

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Concentrated propolis extract
Purified water

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