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Cream Chilidonia 50ml

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The components of “Chilidonia” cream have exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and regenerative properties.

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We are used to taking care of skin – everyone knows that it needs cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment. Sometimes it needs stronger remedies too, especially if it becomes dry, flaky or becomes inflamed. “Chilidonia” cream by TENTORIUM® can save skin from all those troubles.
All components in the cream formula have been known for their healing properties for a long time: propolis relieves inflammations, honey nourishes, and pine gum has a regenerative action. “Chilidonia” Cream will make even overdried skin soft and spring, facilitating quick healing of small wounds and cracks. The combination of the ingredients in the cream is efficient in fighting psoriasis, onychomycoses.


"Chilidonia" is the cream with natural bee products and pine pitch which makes the skin soft and supple and promotes rapid healing of minor wounds.


Pine pitch is used as a disinfectant, cosmetics and medicine. The cream with natural bee products and pine pitch "Chilidonia" gives gentle care for the skin, especially effective for dryness, sloughing, inflammation and micro-cracks. Pine pitch relieves varicose veins in the early stages.


Vegetable oil, pine pitch, beeswax, propolis extract, honey.


The cream is recommended to be applied daily to wet skin in the form of applications on the problem areas. In 2-3 hours rinse the remnants of the cream with warm water. Use within 12-14 days.

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Pine pitch
Propolis extract
Vegetable oil

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