Cream Tentorium 100ml


Multipurpose natural cream with a softening and nourishing effects

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Beeswax, propolis extract, horseradish extract, bee venom, purified water, CO2-extract of linden blosoom, camphor oil, vegetable oil


Cream "Tentorium" is indispensable in the therapeutic, restorative and sports massage. The combination of beeswax and bee venom, as well as propolis and horseradish extracts, increases blood circulation - a great means to reach a complete relax during a massage.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of propolis, as well as the warming effect, will help to tune in the desired mood and get rid of physical fatigue. Bee products bring benefits to the body on their own, but combined with the skillful hands of a professional masseur this effect increases many times. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to experience the thrill of the best massage with the cream "Tentorium"! Applying the cream regularly you will reach the physical and emotional harmony.


The cream is recommended for massage

Data sheet

Bee venom
CO2-extract of linden blosoom
Camphor oil
Horseradish extract
Propolis extract
Purified water
Vegetable oil

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