Who are we

We are people who have defined a healthy lifestyle for themselves as the main way to achieve happiness. In fact, health is the freedom of a person, his first and most important need. Health is not just the absence of disease or physical defects, it is our physical, mental and social well-being. To a large extent, on the state of human health depends on its implementation in the personal and professional terms, his whole life.

Probably almost every one of us is familiar with those who had to endure the disease. All these people testify that the pains and sufferings broke off their connection with the world, drove them to despair because of the inability to live normally and realize their dreams. Often these people were left alone with their illness and the struggle for recovery. But it was this most difficult period in their life that became a frontier, having gone over which they rethought their life, realized the influence of thoughts and actions on health and, most importantly, taught them to treat their health as the greatest gift that requires careful and attentive attitude to themselves.


Our philosophy of health.

We are convinced that many health problems can be avoided.
Each person is able to develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, exercise, maintaining mental balance and strengthening resistance to stress. Taking care of health means not only keeping your body in the best shape, but also controlling your thoughts. Our way of thinking affects our health much more than we realize. To think positively means to live in harmony with oneself, with other people, with Nature itself. All this can be learned! And it's never too late to make a decision: “I choose health. I and only I am responsible for each day of my life ”, and start moving in the right direction.

The first step is to learn to listen to your body and understand its features. Every time you have doubts about recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, try to consult with medical specialists, nutritionists, trainers. Remember your uniqueness. Do not be lazy to give yourself time. To successfully lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to understand your body, learn from your own experience, constantly replenishing your knowledge.

What is our site about

On our site you will find everything you need for self-study. Blog articles contain information about the key elements of a healthy lifestyle, the latest research in the field of health, the experience of people who have won the disease and those who have created unique methods of recovery.

In our online store you will find unique products made from natural ingredients with the latest technology. Consuming natural products, we do not just accept the gifts of Nature. We feel ourselves as a part of it, and thereby strengthen our internal balance.

Thus, natural honey, propolis, flower pollen, perga, royal jelly, beeswax and other beekeeping products make up the unique basis of the TENTORIUM product collection. Each batch of raw materials before becoming part of a unique product TENTORIUM, passes a two-level laboratory quality control-analysis. Such a serious approach ensures the safety and high efficiency of products. For millions of people, TENTORIUM today is not just a unique product, but also a turnkey solution for the health of one’s own and one’s loved ones.

Each product on our website is the result of in-depth scientific research, based on recipes, developed and tested and clinical trials. Healthlife-store.com actively supports and spreads the Wellness philosophy, promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle and distributing quality products to maintain health, beauty and longevity.

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