Safe beach tanning: tips for sun lovers.

Health and Beauty

A successful beach holiday consists of 2 elements: tanning and bathing.

 For lovers of hot resorts, sandy beaches and pebbly shores in the sun, we have prepared 10 useful tips to help you spend your time with pleasure and health-free.

1. Prepare for your beach vacation

If you are fighting for an even and beautiful tan, then preparing for a vacation includes more than collecting documents and suitcases. Experts advise to use vitamins A, C, E in the form of tablets or include carrots, apricots, tomatoes and spinach in the diet to “nourish” the body with them. Tanning lays on the skin saturated with these vitamins better, and vitamin D, which is produced under the influence of direct sunlight, strengthens the immune system and improves mood.


2.Always use sunscreen

Regardless of skin type, sunscreen is essential for everyone. Owners of dark skin, although they are protected from the harm of the rays of group B, which cause burns, but, like platinum blondes, cannot withstand the rays of groups A and C, provoking premature aging and cancer.


3. Select the SPF factor depending on the type of skin and the place of application

Tourists with white skin and light / red hair should use a cream with an SPF factor of at least 25-30. For brunettes, SPF15 will be enough. The delicate skin around the eyes, lips, ears is best protected with a more serious SPF45-50.


4. Use the cream correctly

In order for the protective cream to perform the assigned functions correctly, it must be applied 15-30 minutes before going to the beach. During this time, the cream is absorbed into the skin and acts effectively. While on the beach, it is necessary to update the protection every 2 hours. After visiting the beach, do not forget to use an after-sun cream, which helps to moisturize skin that loses elasticity under the influence of sunlight.


5. Sunbathe by the hour

Most doctors agree that the safest hours for tanning are from 7 to 11, and from 4 to sunset. In the midday heat, when the sun is at its zenith, it is harmful to be on the beach. Especially when it comes to the peak of the summer season, when it is not difficult to get a sunburn just by walking down the street. Sun exposure is also best done gradually, starting at 5-15 minutes.

6. Wear hats

Panamas, baseball caps, kerchiefs and wide-brimmed hats are equally good at protecting your head from overheating and sunstroke. Another argument in favor of a headgear is the protection of hair, which the sun makes it brittle and brittle.


7. Pay extra attention to children on the beach

In addition to safety measures on the water, parents should be careful about the length of time their children are in the sun. Up to 3 years old, overheating a baby on the beach is completely dangerous. For the youngest beach guests, it is best to spend more time in the shade, and the SPF factor of the cream should be at least 50.


 8.Watch your diet

Sunburn is a thermal treatment of the whole body that we voluntarily agree to. In order to maintain balance during overheating, it is necessary to consume more water, avoid alcohol and coffee immediately after sunbathing.


9. Follow the sunbeam

The sun's rays have a high penetrating power, so it must be remembered that on a cloudy day on the beach you can burn out imperceptibly, in the shade of a palm tree, creams and hats are required, and being in water is much easier to burn than on land.


10. Choose the right route

Making friends with the sun is much easier if you learn to play by its rules. The closer to the equator, the closer the daylight is, which means the greater the chance of getting a sunburn. For example, Tunisia, Morocco, Maldives and Seychelles are popular destinations, but when heading here at the height of the summer season, even the strongest beachgoers should grab a cream with SPF-50. Resorts in Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria require less caution, especially at the beginning and during the "velvet" season, but do not relieve one of the responsibility for the safety of the body.



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