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TENTORIUM® multifunctional creams with beekeeping components

TENTORIUM® creams are made with the use of modern technologies from natural high-quality raw materials. These are natural creams of long-term action on an oil-fat basis. All creams have beekeeping products, known for their versatile useful properties.
The most valuable ingredients of Tentorium® creams are bee venom, propolis extract, pollen, honey and bee wax. Bee venom - «Tentorium» cream, propolis extract - «Rino-Factor» cream, bee pollen — «Api-Cream» and «Vitus-Factor» creams, and sometimes complementing components such as quail egg extract («Chilidonia» and «Api-Bust» creams).
TENTORIUM® creams do not have a water fraction in their composition, which significantly reduces the risk of microbiological damage. The natural oil base allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin, providing intensive nutrition and moisturizing, health restoration skin, elimination of metabolic disturbances. Another feature of Tentorium® creams is the duration of their beneficial effect and prolonged effect.
The composition of the creams is natural and does not contain any unnatural preservatives, in their role are the extract of propolis, wax and honey, repeatedly enhancing the healing effect.
Most of the creams are multifunctional and for the most efficient use of them we suggest you to use the table-tip based on the recommendations of the apitherapists.