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Balms with bee products, apithointegrants and plant adaptogens
Balms are extracts from plants where the concentration of active substances is significantly higher than in the plant material. The effectiveness of TENTORIUM® balms is enhanced by natural extracts of beekeeping products such as propolis, chitosan, etc. The liquid form allows the most effective digestion in the human body and makes the balms very easy to use. One more undoubted advantage of the liquid form of balms, especially water balms (extract of propolis water, ApiHit, etc.) is the convenience and safety of their intake by children, of course, provided that all precautions and recommendations of the company Tentorium are observed.
TENTORIUM® balms have a wide range of applications:

  • from cleaning the body's microflora from pathogenic microorganisms to regeneration of epithelium cells;
  • from strengthening the walls of blood vessels to restoration and normalization of cartilage tissue and restoration of the skin after burns and wounds;

Balms have antibacterial, antiviral, antihelminthic, antifungal, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and stimulating effects.
TENTORIUM® balms are distinguished by their natural composition only. Depending on the main active ingredients, TENTORIUM® balms are distinguished by the following types:

  • BEEKEEPING BALMS (Propolis extract by Assil, Product No. 3, Apibalm 1 and ApiHit).The main active components of these balms are water or oil extract of propolis, chitosan bee.
  • BALMS WITH API-FITTING INGREDIENTS AND PLANT ADAPTOGENS.These balms are based on a combination of natural beehive gifts and plant collection to increase the body's reserve capacity.