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Honey compositions are products that combine honey with other beekeeping products, such as royal jelly («Apitok», «Apitonus», «Apiphytotonus»), parchment («Active Complex Tentorium WELLNESS»), propolis («Apitok», «Poplar»), bee pollen («Apiphytotonus», «Meadow») in an optimal dosage.

In honey compositions Tentorium® uses only high quality honey, which has passed two-stage laboratory control. Honey acts as a natural preservative and successfully preserves all the useful properties of royal jelly, propolis, pollen and perga.

There are two of the most useful methods of taking honey compositions TENTORIUM®:

  • The first method of reception is the sublingual method.

With this method of administration, the active substance is directed into the bloodstream through its absorption under the tongue. This section contains a large number of blood vessels and as a result, the substance enters the bloodstream, from where it goes to the heart and then to the arterial circulation throughout the body. This pathway is often faster than the usual way of taking medicines, as the active ingredient comes into contact only with enzymes in saliva when it is absorbed into the bloodstream before it enters into contact with the bloodstream. Substances taken in another way, for example orally, before entering the bloodstream must tolerate an extremely unfavourable environment in the gastrointestinal tract. This can mean that a high percentage of the active ingredient is likely to be destroyed by a large number of enzymes such as strong acids in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • The second method of intake is honey with water.

There are legends about the useful properties of honey with water, and listing their full list would double the volume of this introduction.

Let's list only some qualities of honey with water:

  • it has an antiviral, antibacterial effect;
  • promotes the removal of toxins and weight loss;
  • strengthens intestinal motility, resulting in dissolution of faeces, constipation;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • reduces the load on the cardiovascular system;
  • accelerates the metabolism;
  • has an antifungal effect;
  • has an antiparasitic effect;
  • helps restore the nervous system

These functions are inherent in honey water prepared on the basis of pure honey, while honey water prepared on the basis of honey compositions Tentorium repeatedly enhances the synergistic effect on the body, due to other beekeeping products.

How to prepare honey with water?

Dial a teaspoon of honey composition and stir it in a glass of clean, unboiled water. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Dissolving in unboiled water, honey forms cluster bonds (i.e. structures it), which increases the healing properties of the drink.

It is proved that the warm solution has a pronounced alkaline and cold - stimulating effect on the acid-forming function of the stomach.