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DRAGEE is a product consisting of natural components and a microspherical shell. In fact, they are microcapsules with biologically active substances inside. The main components of these capsules are bee renewal («Tentorium» dragee, etc.), parchment («Blueberry» dragee, «Bee Bread» dragee), propolis and bee wax, i.e., derivatives of bee life. Along with this, the composition of the dragee may include extracts of medicinal plants (Dragee «Extra-Lor», «O-de-Vit», etc.) and useful berries (Dragee «Berry Boom» etc.).
As a result, we get a wonderful and very useful product. It is for the preservation of the most useful properties of beekeeping products from spoilage by fungi and other microorganisms, some dragees use a mixture of natural beeswax and sugar that preserves the properties of the dragees' honey, propolis, pollen, nuts, berries and extracts herbs and plants, and also maintains the shape of a dragee. For clients who cannot eat sugar, the company has a few dragees, where sugar is replaced by isomalt (dragge «Tentorium BeeActive», dragee of Golden Series, etc.)

Method of taking Tentorium® Dragee

Almost all Tentorium dragees are recommended to be resorbed under the tongue until dissolved. This technique is called sublingual. With this method of administration, the active substance is directed into the bloodstream through the suction under the tongue. This section contains a large number of blood vessels and, as a result, the substance enters the bloodstream, from where it goes to the heart and then to the arterial circulation throughout Arterial circulation throughout the body.

Varieties of Tentorium® Dragee


  • The basis of such a pellet is made up of unique gifts of a hive: honey, propolis, parchment, wax, bee renewal, bee fire. Thanks to the sugar-wax shell, microelements, enzymes and vitamins of bee products reliably are preserved and preserve their useful properties for a long time


  • The key active ingredients in these dragees are valuable plant extracts (Api-Spira pellet, Hepatolinum, etc.) and bee products. The combination of phyto- and apiso-representatives provides a synergetic effect from regular use of the dragee. Chaga extracts, spirulina algae and many other medicinal herbs in the compartment with apicultural products come to the aid not only when it comes to the post-holiday recovery of the liver, but also when restoring it after serious diseases


  • This natural dragee is based on healing forest berries rich in nutrients. For their pleasant taste the products with cranberries (Brusnika dragee), blueberries (Blueberry dragee), mountain ash (Sorbus dragee) and other berries (Berry Boom dragee) are adored by adults and children

Exactly these components determine the healing effect of the dragee, because their healing properties have long been used in the treatment, recovery from disease and maintenance of the health of adults and children.